How to decide which colors would look good together in clothes?

Mingle with colors that match your personality and transform your overall look. It is essential to know what color fits best when choosing an outfit because every color is a different story that tells the different moods and personalities. Before diving into the points of which color best suits the outfits, you should know there’s a color wheel chart that describes the theory of different color combinations. So, choosing the suitable color will make your outfits look extraordinary from the crowd. 

Style with the monochromatic look 

monochromatic look

Monochromatic look develops from the single color palette, where the mono look highly inspires women’s fashion. To style the monochromatic look, you can style with one single color like black or white to form a dashing single look. This type of look is highly appreciated for gala events and occasions where you can flaunt your style in one go. The same color as black jeans with a black top or a blue skirt with a blue blouse pulls the overall look and makes you appear taller and complete.

Go with the subtle look with pastels 

subtle look with pastels

Pairing pastel colors can never go out of style, from soft blues to lilac purple. These pairs are the perfect combination for the summer’s wardrobe to style your dresses and outfits. To add more springy flavor to your clothes, try to add light pink with pastel yellow for a fall dress outfit. Always choose neutrals like pink, yellow, and soft green paired with dark colors that have an entirely different charisma. 

Don’t merge with skin tone 

When picking the outfit for yourself, the most important thing is to have the correct color palette that matches your skin tone. Especially in women’s fashion, try to avoid the color that is too close to your skin tone and maintain a slight contrast between your skin tone and outfit of the color. We have a different shade of skin tone that helps to choose the correct color of our outfit like pale skin tone will not go with pastels shade. Always choose complementary colors to reflect slight contrast to your skin tone, which helps complete the whole look.

Pair with the analogous palette

analogous palette

When pairing the colors that form a better look, try to pair with analogous colors like green, blue, or yellow, complementing them with orange. At Bella Amor, we have a vast collection of parallel colors that will make your whole appearance more attractive. When picking the right shade for the winter collection, make sure to choose a more analogous color for matching with most of the outfits you carry. Ideally, all analogous colors share the same color line, which helps maintain the contrast and saturation of the look you desire. 

Color is the key 

Mix colors in such a way that will transform your outfit and complement your appearance. As mentioned above, mixing colors like a nude with dark or pastels with contrast will give you a fresh look. So, next time onward, plan your clothing appearance with the best color palette, don’t forget to include the accessories with your favorite pair of heels.


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